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Audio expertise

Discover in vivo acoustic

Spatial sound & far-field voice capture

In Vivo Acoustic patent pending sound processing technology makes you hear just the sound filling the room , not loudspeakers. It’s as natural as a real person or instrument. Hands free telephony becomes more enjoyable and comfortable. Their voice is rich and clear, making the conversation more pleasant and improving the flow of exchange. But its not all. The speaker array, driven by the in Vivo acoustic engine, can produce sounds coming simultaneously from different directions in the room.

In Vivo Acoustics combines 3 major effects influencing the way sound is captured and played back.


The Horn effect
Clear, natural directive sound, everywhere in the room


The Out Of The Box effect
Projected sound, the voice comes from the room, not from the box


The Sound Radar effet
Virtual boom mic, be heard as if you hold a mic

Clear sound from everywhere in the room

Currently, there are some technologies based on 2 speakers that brings a three- dimensional listening experience. Unfortunately, to benefit from it, the user must be located exactly in front of the device. Acoustic specialists call this specific point the sweet spot. For a listener out of this sweet spot, the spatial sound effect disappears and the acoustic quality is damaged.


On the contrary, our In Vivo Acoustic technology uses an array of more than 2 speakers that broaden the sweet spot area to the whole room. The spatial effect and the high fidelity are then preserved wherever the listener is located in the room.


Immersive soundscapes, Music comes from the room, not from a box

The speaker array, driven by the in Vivo acoustic engine, can produce sounds coming simultaneously from different directions in the room.

For music, in vivo acoustics allows a surprisingly wider stereo image. Left and right channel separation is very impressive, specially regarding the actual small dimension of the product.

In hands free telephony, this allows to separate people of a conference call. In a 3 way conference with two remote callers, the phone will reproduce the two voices in two distinct auditory spaces: one on your left, the other on your right. As the human ear is very sensitive to sound localization, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to distinguish the two participants, even if their voices are similar to you because you’ve never met them and that they have a different accent to yours.

Impressive voice capture from up to 15 ft

Thanks to the algorithms developed by our engineers, the 4 mics not only capture the acoustics of the room as a whole but also create a beam in the direction of the speaker, thereby eliminating all superfluous sounds and background noise. This is quite similar to what a soundman does by attaching a boom mic to a pole. Your voice is picked up more intensely, without you having to shout, and you are heard very clearly at the other end of the line.