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Audioffice Range

Meet the Audioffice range

An impressive audio quality, beautifully designed

Outstanding audio quality

When quality matters, enjoy the best sound quality for your meetings and all of your conversations.Because we all deserve the best, there is always a NVX to fulfill your needs.

Each phone of the Audioffice range benefits of our In Vivo Acoustic technology. In Vivo Acoustic patent pending sound processing technology makes you hear just the sound filling the room , not loudspeakers.

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Personal deskPersonal deskConference room
Conference withUp to 5 peopleUp to 5 peopleUp to 10 people
VoIP enabledXX
In Vivo acousticXXX
HD voice - wideband audioXXX
Mobile integrationXXX
Bluetooth enabledXXX
Dedicated applicationXX
Compatible with your VoIP appsXXX
# of speakers116
3.5mm jackX
Smartphone’s dock & chargeXXX
Physical keypadXXX