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How to Avoid Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phones, when powered on, are constantly emitting radio frequencies. These frequencies can be absorbed by tissues near the phone. By exposing ourselves to unnecessary amounts of radiation, we are putting ourselves at a serious health risk. In the same … Read More


Use Your Smartphone as Your Landline

So many of us are kissing our landlines goodbye. And it makes sense! Landlines are expensive, they’re another phone number to memorize, another thing to keep track of. But in the working world, a desk phone is still a staple … Read More

Taken on an Art Deco tour of Napier, New Zealand, March 2010. 

A Flat White is probably the most popular coffee style drunk in New Zealand. Wikipedia.

Stock up for International Coffee Day

Tomorrow is National Coffee Day (not to be confused with this Saturday’s International Coffee Day), and while many of your favorite coffee shops are giving away cups of joe, there are still other ways to get your hands on your … Read More


iOS 10 is here. What you need to know

Yesterday, Apple introduced to the world the all-new iOS 10. One of the features, CallKit, is bringing major upgrades to both Voice Bridge and Triby. We’re so excited for what iOS 10 will mean for the user experience of these … Read More

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Alexa, Set a Timer for 8 Minutes

When was the last time you overcooked a pot of pasta? Maybe never; fine. When was the last time you undercooked it? Either way, cooking can be a tricky activity when made into a guessing game. Sure, you could walk … Read More


Your Landline: You Can Take It with You

Ah, landlines. They may seem like a thing of the stone age but, surprisingly, 40% of us still have them. We use them for lots of things (home security systems, emergency backups, etc.), so what happens when you’re out of … Read More

Our 5 favorite Alexa-enabled products

It’s mind-blowing how quickly the Alexa ecosystem is growing. It seems that every day a new skill or product is unveiled to help make the smart home even more advanced. While we can’t include all the Alexa-enabled products we admire, we … Read More


Top 10 Alexa Skills For Planning a Vacation

We hope you all enjoyed the break last week! With summer vacation season in full swing, it can sometimes be difficult to manage the planning of a trip all on your own. Fortunately, there are thousands of things you can do … Read More


Transform Your Refrigerator Into a Virtual Assistant

The refrigerator door is a vast dessert of highly-coveted real estate. It is, after all, a central element of the most valuable room in the home. So instead of filling it with magnets and take out menus, why not put … Read More

Man using Triby with Alexa

Why Less Is More In a Smart Home

There seems to be no end to the list of smart home (also known as IoT, or connected) devices on the market today. And for good reason: they’re incredibly popular. So popular, in fact, that estimates report that, by 2025 … Read More