NVX 620 - VoIP and conference phone

NVX 620

NVX 620

Your VoIP conference phone with mobile integration

599 €

Your conference room new partner

The NVX 620 is both a VoIP SIP desktop phone and a conference unit. Configured to your SIP account in a few seconds, you’ll benefit from a powerful and clear sound during all your calls while using the handset or speakerphone.

As a convergence tool, you’ll also be able to use your mobile line or any voip apps running on your smartphone and tablet and find all your mobile contacts from your voip line.

The device is compatible with iOS and Android device, both smartphones and tablets.


An extended connectivity


The NVX 620 is compatible with all iPhone, iPad versions and Android smartphones and tablets.

If meetings and calling are important for you, this is the perfect phone and conference unit for you, whether your use a smartphone or a tablet.

invoxia created a unique and innovative system using a set of adapters to extend the connectivity of the device.

It’s based on a set of 3 cables ( Lightning, 30 pin and micro-USB) all provided in the packaging!

An Intelligent and Intuitive VoIP Phone

Desktop phone that integrates your iOS or Android device as a control interface.


The NVX620 is made to be powerfully easy. It is a convergence tool that will facilitate your management of mobile and VoIP calls :

● Make calls by dialing from the handset keypad, the invoxia app or your mobile and voips apps from your smartphone or tablet.

● Receivecalls made to your mobile as well as calls to your office on the invoxia phone.

● To answer a call in handsfree mode, whether it’s coming from your mobile or desktop phone, simply press the volume button.

● There are just two sensory buttons on the invoxia phone’s base: one for muting the mic, and the other to access your voice mail.

A privileged user experience

Your personal environment, your contacts, social networks, messages, emails and RSS feeds are no longer confined to your work place.

By choosing this interaction with your smartphone and tablet, you are merging business and mobile on one device.

invoxia App appicon nvx

Download the application from the AppStore or Google Play Store and place your smartphone on the dock or connect your tablet via USB. You’re set!
Once the Bluetooth association has been made, you can control the invoxia desktop phone remotely with your smartphone/tablet in your hand.

iphone background

invoxia-nvx620-home-family   Home
Your last three calls, your messages and your connection status are displayed in the Home tab.

invoxia-nvx620-icone-recent   Recents
Find all your mobile, Skype and SIP incoming, outgoing and missed calls, presented in a classic display.

invoxia-nvx620-icone-contact   Contacts
The Contacts button displays your mobile contacts.

invoxia-nvx620-icone-keypad  Keypad
Dial from your smartphone and enjoy the comfort and quality of the handset and speakerphone during your calls.

invoxia-nvx620-icone-handsfree  Handsfree
Unleash the full power of handsfree mode during your conference calls via the volume button or via the handsfree icon on the app.

invoxia-nvx620-icone-settings  Settings
Easily configure your invoxia desktop phone to your SIP and Skype account!

An immersive sound

Don’t listen to loudspeakers. Don’t talk to a machine.

● 6 loudspeakers and 1 passive radiator produce a well balanced sound, with clear highs and deep lows.
● 4 digital MEMS microphones, insensitive to mobile interferences, let your interlocutors hear you perfectly well.

Our technology In Vivo Acoustic produces spatializedspatilalized audio: the sound fills the room and seems as natural as a real person or instrument.

In a conference call, It offers a natural sound to all your conversations, a meaningful comfort to run long conversations with multiple people or foreign callers.

Enjoy true stereo music, and let the sounds surrounds you, as if you were in the orchestra !

invivo_acoustic_logo (1)

High-Definition Sound

We conceived the invoxia desktop phone so it would offer unmatched sound quality. The secret? Its unique and innovative acoustic design. Enjoy the full power of In Vivo Acoustic technology in handsfree mode so you can follow large conference calls at your leisure.

The handset’s comfortable design and its high definition sound quality will make even the longest conversations and conference calls a pure pleasure.

Listen to all your music, your musical apps, your radios or podcast with this unique sound quality!

These innovative technologies are further improved through the use of wide-band, or high definition, codecs (G.722, SILK). In conventional telephony, speech is encoded at bandwidths ranging from 300 Hz to 3400 Hz, and as a result only transmits the most essential part of the human voice. Our telephone has been designed to encode the human voice using bandwidths ranging to 8kHz. These bandwidths also pick up voice harmonics: the human voice’s natural qualities, a sense of the speaker’s physical presence and the space around him or her.

With HD telephony, you can discern every nuance of the human voice. Nasal sounds are reduced and similar sounding consonants such as S and F can clearly be discerned. You no longer need to repeat yourself; your conferences are now crystal clear and stress-free.

This product works with a SIP account, you’ll need your SIP login and password. It doesn’t work with analog lines.


NVX 620


  • A desktop and conference phone with a powerful sound
  • A convergent and intuitive business tool thanks to the invoxia app
  • A device which is compatible with the iPhone 5, previous iPhone generation, all iPad generations and Android smartphones and tablets
  • A simple configuration
  • A beautifully design device

Technical specs

In Vivo Acoustic Technology: 6 broadband speakers, 4 digital microphones, 1 passive radiator
2 USB ports (for Lightning/30 pin / micro USB to USB and for the corded handset or charging tablets)
2 Ethernet ports, including 1 PoE port to power your phone directly through the Ethernet cable, if you have one, and to connect your network cable and computer.
1 jack 3.5mm to connect an headphone and work in speakermode with your both and free and keeping your conversations private
Full-duplex handsfree
Background noise removal
HD corded handset
Incoming call reception via handsfree, mobile or corded handset
2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with integrated PoE
1 headphone jack 3.5 mm
Broadband codecs support
Created and designed by invoxia Paris
Patented technology, design registered
Keys/ButtonsReceive incoming call through speakers/volume control Mute touch button Voice Mail touch button On/Off button
ScreensFSTN LCD 96×32 screen
Broadband codecG.722, OPUS codecs support
CodecsG.711a, G.711u, G.726
In Vivo Acoustic TechnologyFull-duplex handsfree with echo cancellation Conference mode with virtual spatial positioning of remote callers Automated voice tracking of local callers and background noise removal
Speakers6 speakers
Microphones4 digital NEMS
NetworkSIP protocol
Wireless technologyBluetooth 4.0
ConnectivityConnection via Lightning / 30 pin / Micro-USB cables connectors or Bluetooth. Universal support for iPod Touch 4th & 3rd generation, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and Android devices
Power supplyPoE (Power over Ethernet) 802.3at or 100-240V / 12V 3A AC adapter
Dimensions11.4×4.5×2.1 inches (IP phone) 7.4x2x1.3 inches (handset)
Weight3 pounds
Temperature range0°C – 40°C (32 °F - 104 °F)
Humidity10% - 90%

Made for iPod touch 5th generation, 4th generation and iPod touch 3rd generation
Made for iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS
Made for iPad Air, iPad mini, new iPad, iPad 2 and iPad