NVX 200 - Turn your mobile into a desk phone

NVX 200

NVX 200

Turn your mobile into a desk phone


You deserve the best comfort

Do you rely on your mobile line for your communications? Do you want more comfort and to be more efficient? NVX 200 is designed for you.

NVX 200 docking station provides to your mobile calls all the comfort of an office phone.

NVX 200 brings instant control of your mobile calls (answer calls, dial calls, browse call list, browse contact list, speed dials, easy muting of ongoing calls) and great audio quality to your conference calls.

A great speakerphone for your conference calls

You use your mobile for conference calls ? You need a professional solution to hear and be heard ?

Invoxia InVivo patented technology cancels microphone noise and room reverberation, thus offering crystal clear and powerful sound to your conference calls. Moreover NVX 200 beam-forming microphones focus on the talker to pickup only their voice.

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Be more efficient than ever

With NVX 200, your calls are always just a fingertip away.

Answer your calls at the touch of a button, access your call lists in a snap, browse through your contacts at the speed of light, instant access to 10 number shortcuts, and more!

Finally a clean desk

Keep your desk clean and prevent yourself from mountains of cables. The NVX 200 replaces simultaneously a desk phone, a Bluetooth speaker, and a charging dock.


Use NVX 200 with all your voice and video apps

NVX 200 is compatible with all your VoIP applications like Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Viber and many others.

If you are a fan of video conference calls, improve their quality by combining your tablet or smartphone screens with audio performances from NVX 200.

Thanks to the mobile dock that keeps your mobile upright, see and be seen by your contact and make your video conferences lively and warm.

Protect your health

Love your mobile but don’t feel comfortable with the health hazards of having it close to your head several hours per day?

Use a Bluetooth headset for your calls, but are worried about Bluetooth radiations ?

NVX 200 keeps you safe whether you use the corded handset (no radiation at all) or in hands-free mode.


Compatible with all smartphones

All you need is a mobile with Bluetooth support to get you going. NVX 200 does not need any application to download on your smartphone.

The charging dock has a system of adapters to guarantee that you will be able to charge any Apple device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), micro-USB compatible products including Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices.

And yes, NVX 200 is perfect companion for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Become a partner with our SDK

Are you a service provider who offers a VoIP mobile application to your customers? We provide a iOS and Android SDK  to integrate your application with the NVX 200.

With NVX 200, your customers have a direct access to your application from their desk. At the touch of a button they can scroll through your application call list and contact list, and they can make or receive calls.

Contact us for more information and get our SDK.


NVX 200


  • Turns your mobile into a desktop phone
  • Conference speakerphone
  • All your calls at your fingertips
  • Universal charging dock
  • Compatible with all smartphones with Bluetooth

Technical specifications


FSTN LCD 96×32 display
Corded handset
5w speaker
Bluetooth 2.1
Connection via Lightning / 30 pin / Micro-USB cables connectors or Bluetooth.
External power supply 100-240V / 5V 3A. Adapters included for Europe, Usa, UK, Australia
Dimensions: 18×15,7x5cm (phone) 17,8x5,1x2,8cm (handset)
Weight: 1 kg
Temperature range: 0°C – 40°C
Humidity range: 10% - 90%


Receive and make calls with NVX 200 using your mobile line
Listen to your music on NVX loudspeaker (A2DP bluetooth streaming)
Charge your mobile (lightning, micro-USB) or tablet with the integrated docking station
Full duplex handsfree
HD sound quality (wideband audio)
Switch calls from handset to loudspeaker at the touch of a button
Browse call lists and dial
Browse adress book and dial
Dial calls from keyboard
10 speed dial shortcuts
One touch voice mail access
One touch muting of an ongoing call
Privacy management: your contacts and mobile call lists are not available when mobile is not around
(iOS) easy set-up : automatic bluetooth pairing
Automatic bluetooth connection when in range
Hearing aid compatible
Mobile phone number displayed on screen on idle
6 wideband ring tones
Supported languages : english, spanish, french, portuguese, italian, german, russian, japanese, chinese