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Bring your landline with you. Anytime. Anywhere.

Voice Bridge

Your landline calls on your smartphone


No subscription. No added fees.

Your mobile phone is your new landline handset. Place outgoing landline calls from anywhere. Receive all incoming calls on your mobile.

All benefits of a landline on your Smartphone with Voice Bridge.
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Your smartphone is your new landline.

With Voice Bridge, your smartphone becomes the only communication device you need, for all your calls, landline and cellular. All incoming landline calls will ring on both your landline and your mobile.
Take landline calls on the go with Voice Bridge.

Better than call transfer…

Call Forward Voice Bridge
How many devices can I forward the call to? 1 device 5 devices
Does my landline phone still rings? No Yes
Can I make outgoing landline calls from my mobile when away? No Yes
Is it transparent for me and I don’t need to turn this ON/OFF each time I leave? No Yes
Is the service free 100% of time? No Yes

…and than Google Voice!

Google Voice Voice Bridge
Can I keep my existing number? No Yes
Does it support emergency outgoing calls? No Yes
Does it log my data? No
Is it free to call the US from abroad? No Yes
Can I make landline calls out just like before? No* Yes

*with Google Voice, before calling, you will need to perform 6 different steps including calling a remote phone server and manually dialling your contact’s number, with no possibility to use your address book

Better than call transfer…

  • Up to 5 devices paired at the same time
  • Your landline continues to ring
  • Make outgoing landline calls from anywhere
  • No need to turn ON/OFF a feature each time you come and go
  • No added fees, 100% of time

…and than Google Voice!

  • You can keep your existing phone number
  • 100% supports emergency 911 calls
  • Does not log any of your data
  • No added fees to call abroad of the US
  • You can keep your existing phone at home*

*with Google Voice, before calling, you will need to perform 6 different steps including calling a remote phone server and manually dialling your contact’s number, with no possibility to use your address book


Contacts integration

How many times were you busy searching for contacts in your address book with one hand, while trying to tap the number into your cordless phone with the other?

With Voice Bridge, your contacts are always at your fingertips whether you are using your landline or your mobile. Open the Voice Bridge app, browse your address book, click, call. Easy.

Caller IDs are also displayed, matching with your mobile address book.



Got several smartphones or tablets at home? No problem, you can connect up to five of them to Voice Bridge, and you can use any of them to receive or make calls at home!

Moreover, when one device is on a call, a second one can easily join for a conference.


Don’t wait any longer

to get your hands on Voice Bridge

Voice Bridge app

Download the Voice Bridge app for free on the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

iphone background

   Get all your landline calls on the Voice Bridge app

invoxia-nvx620-icone-contact   Your contacts always at your fingertips

invoxia-nvx620-icone-handsfree  Be notified of landline missed calls and new voicemails

invoxia-nvx620-icone-settings  Configure the app’s behavior

Voice Bridge and iOS10…

Voice Bridge on iOS10, it is just the perfect match. The two are made to love each other, and you are going to love them too!

At a glance, here are major features illustrated:


No Password Needed: Answer a landline call by sliding on the screen like a mobile call


Direct Dial: Landline calls can be made with the iPhone using native address books, call lists, SIRI…


To Hold, Or Not To Hold: Voice Bridge calls are not cut by other incoming calls anymore!

Compatible with all landline phones

Voice Bridge easily connects to your existing landline phone, there is no additional equipment required. Voice Bridge can be plugged in parallel to your existing phones. Your smartphones/tablets will behave as extra phones at home.


Perfect for small business too!

You are a SMB/SME owner, and you have a PSTN line for your business.

With Voice Bridge, you can:

  • Get your landline calls, anywhere. One device for all calls
  • Share your PSTN line, with up to 5 smartphone and tablets.
  • Make three party calls with the touch of a button (2 internal callers and one distant caller)

You can take calls and use your professional landline without without anyone else in the call even noticing.

Plug and Play installation

Voice Bridge is easy to set-up with an intuitive plug-and-play installation. Simply connect the Voice Bridge box to your landline, and Wi-Fi router, download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store, launch the app and you are ready to go.


« It does one thing, but does it well »

 « It is effectively killing the excuse “I wasn’t at home to answer your call because I ran to Starbucks for a little bit.” »

« This is for all your Landline Lovers »

Technical specifications


Size: 3.15 inches (L) / 3.15 in (l) / 0.8 in (h)
One analog telephony interface (RJ11 PSTN)
One Ethernet port (100 Mbits)
Power supply: 5V/0,5A


Get calls from landline on mobile
Place landline calls from mobile
Address book matching with caller ID displayed
Get a notification for every missed call
Get notification when base is offline
Join a conversation ( up to 2 persons connected to Voice Bridge in a call simultaneously )
Manage 2 calls at a time
"Erase all" button, for call history deletion (iOS only)
Dialing shortcut for voice mail and landline transfer
Multiple ringtones available
Possibility to disable FollowMeAudio feature


Compatible with iOS (iOS7+) and Android (4.2+) devices
Barge-in: two smartphone/tablets can join the same call with the touch of a button (barge-in)
Full featured PSTN management: second call management, DTMF/FSK CLI support, DTMF management, VMWI
Works with any analog telephony landline (incumbent PSTN line, or analog telephony port of a VoIP gateway)
Auto-discovery of Voice Bridge base
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