The #1 GPS tracker for protecting your vehicle

The best way to keep an eye on your belongings

  • Motorbike


    Locate your motorbike and protect it against theft. Be alerted in real-time in case of suspicious movement or attempted theft and monitor your motorbike via the app, anytime, anywhere.

  • Car


    Protect your car, wherever it might be. Be alerted in real-time in case of suspicious movement and track your vehicle via the app, anytime, anywhere.

  • Bicycle


    Secure your bike and know where it is at all times, from wherever you are. In case of attempted theft, you will be alerted in real time.

Give yourself peace of mind

Locate your vehicle, motorbike, bicycle or any other valuables directly from the Invoxia GPS mobile app.
Thanks to anti-theft alerts, you will be notified in real-time to attempted theft or any suspicious movement. If your motorbike or bike has tipped over, you'll know that too.

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Find the tracker that best fits your needs

  • GPS Tracker

    The #1 GPS Tracker for protecting your vehicle.

    Vehicles and valuables
    Discreet and standalone, no wires
    tracker tracker
  • Mini Tracker GPS

    Even your smallest possessions deserve the best protection .

    Bags, keys, boat engines...
    IP67 waterproof
    mini-tracker mini-tracker
  • Bike Tracker

    All of Invoxia's technology in a discreet reflector .

    Bikes and electric scooters
    Security screws
    bike-tracker bike-tracker

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