Get to know your cats better


Activity monitor and GPS area tracker for cats .


Discover the secret life of your cats to guarantee their happiness and ensure their safety.

A cat wearing an Invoxia Pet Tracker on its collar while walking

Activity tracking

Track your cat's activities: walks, naps, meals, places they go, as well as their adventures, day or night.

Record battery life

Don't be left without battery if they runaway or get lost. With an optimized design, go up to 1-month between charges.

Subscription included

3-year subscription to the LoRa or Sigfox network included, renew from only €24,95/year.

IP67 waterproof

The Pet Tracker is designed to be water resistant so you can track your cats during all their adventures.

An innovative network designed for connected objects

The Invoxia Pet Tracker doesn't require a SIM card nor a subscription. It uses LoRa or Sigfox low-power networks giving it longer battery life than other GPS trackers.

Diagram of the technologies used by the Invoxia Pet Tracker (in order: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS)


Thousands of stolen vehicles and valuables recovered

Are you a veterinarian? Learn more about Invoxia Pet Care.

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2-year warranty


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Technical specifications
What's in the box

Find out everything your cat can't tell you

Do you think you know your kitten? With the Invoxia Pet Tracker, see them in a new light and discover your cat's secret life! Learn about all their favourite places, where they roam, their daily routine when you're not home (eating, napping, scratching, barking...) and be alerted in the event they run away or get lost thanks to safe zone alerts. Know where to look for them with GPS area tracking (between 5 m and 80 m accuracy) and help yourself to the hot/cold proximity radar over the last few meters to find them more easily.

The smallest tracker for cats

Our GPS Tracker for cats is suitable for pets of all sizes and breeds thanks to its compact dimensions and ultra-light weight (15g). Whether you have an enormous Maine Coon, or a little kitten, it can be attached to different collar sizes with a specially designed system without bothering your pet. The icing on cake? The Invoxia Pet Tracker is waterproof and boasts an IP67 rating.

Ideal for anticipating bouts of fatigue or illness

With a range of health and activity indicators listed in the activity log, the Invoxia Pet Tracker analyses your pet's health and well-being over time. It takes advantage of innovative embedded Artificial Intelligence (Edge Computing) developed in collaboration with veterinarians, so that you can react as quickly as possible in case of fatigue, illness or fleas.

Our engineers are constantly improving the Pet Tracker, so don't forget to update it regularly to take advantage of the latest features!