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NVX 200

invoxia Bluetooth Speakerphone

The sound of your conferences

Comperare € 249.00

NVX 200 introduction : Watch the film

Plug and play connectivity

Instant connect to your iPhone or iPad Apple iOS, Samsung or LG Android, Blackberry, etc

Features at a glance

Browse your call log and your address book in a flash using the wheel. Privacy: Your call log and contacts cannot be viewed if your mobile is not connected and nearby

The NVX 200 keeps you away from mobile and Bluetooth waves. Operates with handset (corded and poses no risk to your health) or hands-free.

The docking station has an adaptor system which means you can use any Apple terminal (iPhone or iPad), or terminal (telephone or tablet) which has a micro-USB changer (Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry).

Enjoy high quality sound for you hands-free conferences

Echo cancellation and dynamic reduction of background noise

NVX 200 uses InVivo® technology, which processes sound via an integrated microphone network which creates a sound beam that receives only the voice of the person who is speaking in the room so you can be heard by your conversation partners.

Crystal-clear clarity built-in speaker

NVX 200 launches a powerful, quality speaker (5W) to create a smooth sound of voice of your conversation partners. NVX 200 also allows you to listen to your music with Bluetooth A2DP.

NVX 200

invoxia Bluetooth Speakerphone

  • Receive and make calls with Invoxia SpeakerPhone using your mobile line
  • Charge your mobile and tablet with the integrated docking station (provided adapters: lightning, micro-USB, USB-C)
  • Easy switch calls from handset to loudspeaker with the touch of a button
  • Browse call lists, dial, contacts with the scroll wheel
  • Dial calls from keyboard
  • Mute, Voice Mail access touch
  • Automatic bluetooth connection when in range
  • 6 wideband ring tones
Comperare € 249.00


  • FSTN LCD 96×32 display
  • Corded handset
  • 5w speaker
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • Connection via Lightning / Micro-USB cables connectors or Bluetooth.
  • External power supply 100-240V / 5V 3A. Adapters included for Europe, Usa, UK, Australia
  • Dimensions: 18×15,7x5cm (phone) 17,8x5,1x2,8cm (handset)
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Temperature range: 0°C – 40°C
  • Humidity range: 10% - 90%


  • Receive and make calls with NVX 200 using your mobile line
  • Listen to your music on NVX loudspeaker (A2DP bluetooth streaming)
  • Charge your mobile (lightning, micro-USB) or tablet with the integrated docking station
  • Full duplex handsfree
  • HD sound quality (wideband audio)
  • Switch calls from handset to loudspeaker at the touch of a button
  • Browse call lists and dial
  • Browse adress book and dial
  • Dial calls from keyboard
  • 10 speed dial shortcuts
  • One touch voice mail access
  • One touch muting of an ongoing call
  • Privacy management: your contacts and mobile call lists are not available when mobile is not around
  • (iOS) easy set-up : automatic bluetooth pairing
  • Automatic bluetooth connection when in range
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Mobile phone number displayed on screen on idle
  • 6 wideband ring tones
  • Supported languages : english, spanish, french, portuguese, italian, german, russian, japanese, chinese