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Voice Bridge

Invoxia Mobile-Landline Bridge

Take landline calls on the go.

Comperare € 99.00

With Invoxia Voice Bridge, your smartphone becomes the only communication device you need, for all your calls, landline and cellular. All incoming landline calls will ring on both your landline and your mobile. Take landline calls on the go with Voice Bridge.

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Easy set-up

Simply connect Voice Bridge to your landline phone, and to your Wi-Fi router. There is no additional equipment required, and no additional cost!

Register up to 5 devices. Make 3 party calls.

Register up to 5 smartphones or tablets to your Voice Bridge. Moreover, Voice Bridge allows you to make three party calls.

Voice Bridge app : as a native Phone App.


You get all your landline calls on the Voice Bridge app

Address book

Your SmartPhone contacts are in the Voice Bridge


Be notified of landline missed calls and new voicemails

Perfect for all business

You are a SMB/SME owner or self-employed, and your PSTN line is important for your business. Thanks to Invoxia Voice Bridge, you recieve and make calls on your business landline seamlessly from your Smartphone, from anywhere.

Compare with call transfer

Call forwarding Voice Bridge
How many devices can I forward the call to? Only my smartphone Up to 5 devices, smartphones or tablets
Does my landline phone still rings?
Can I make outgoing landline calls from my mobile when away?
Is it transparent for me and I don’t need to turn this ON/OFF each time I leave?
Is the service free 100% of time?

Voice Bridge

Invoxia Mobile-Landline Bridge

  • Get and place landline calls using your smartphone — Even when away from home
  • Better than a call forward, place calls with your landline number
  • Use your smartphone address book for all your calls
  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • Available on iOS (8 and above) and Android (4.2 and above)
Comperare € 99.00


  • Size: 3.15 inches (L) / 3.15 in (l) / 0.8 in (h)
  • One analog telephony interface (RJ11 PSTN)
  • One Ethernet port (100 Mbits)
  • Power supply: 5V/0,5A


  • Get calls from landline on mobile
  • Place landline calls from mobile
  • Address book matching with caller ID displayed
  • Get a notification for every missed call
  • Get notification when base is offline
  • Join a conversation ( up to 2 persons connected to Voice Bridge in a call simultaneously )
  • Manage 2 calls at a time
  • "Erase all" button, for call history deletion (iOS only)
  • Dialing shortcut for voice mail and landline transfer
  • Multiple ringtones available
  • Possibility to disable FollowMeAudio feature


  • Compatible with iOS (iOS7+) and Android (4.2+) devices
  • Barge-in: two smartphone/tablets can join the same call with the touch of a button (barge-in)
  • Full featured PSTN management: second call management, DTMF/FSK CLI support, DTMF management, VMWI
  • Works with any analog telephony landline (incumbent PSTN line, or analog telephony port of a VoIP gateway)
  • Auto-discovery of Voice Bridge base