A propos d'Invoxia

Invoxia is a French company founded in 2010 that offers a range of consumer and industrial low power sensors by embedding AI in edge computing. The company initially launched Invoxia GPS Tracker, the first GPS Tracker with 6 months of battery life that runs on Sigfox network. This tracker features a real-time anti-theft alert and can be used to locate and protect vehicles, kids and valuables. Invoxia then launched the Pet Tracker, the smallest and lightest GPS and activity tracking device for cats and dogs, with the longest battery life. The device uses edge computing for activity detection to provide value-added services such as pet walk alerts and activity reports on health behaviors such as scratching, eating, barking, etc. Both trackers received multiple awards (CES innovation awards, “Etoile Observeur du Design”). The company then introduced Invoxia Tracking Pro, a complete asset tracking solution designed for professionals, integrating a platform with decision-making indicators (inventory, usage rate, etc.) and a dedicated range of trackers capable of detecting shocks and vibrations. Simultaneously, Invoxia leverages its hardware, software and AI capacities to serve major companies such as Bic, Verisure or Richemont.

Management Team

Eric Carreel, Chairman.

Eric’s vision of technology and acute design eye power invoxia’s capacity for innovation. He drives invoxia’s strategic roadmap.

Amélie caudron- CEO

Diplômée de l'Ecole Centrale Paris et de l’Institut Royal de Technologie de Stockholm en Suède, Amélie à démarré sa carrière en conseil en stratégie digitale chez Digital Value. Amélie a par la suite rejoint Withings (racheté par Nokia Digital Health entre 2016 et 2018) en tant que product manager sur des produits connectés innovants dans le domaine de la santé et du bien-être humains. Après avoir rejoint Invoxia en tant que directrice du product management, elle dirige la société depuis avril 2019.