Invoxia Tracking Hub

Keep an eye out on your business assets and optimise their flows

Invoxia Tracking Hub, the geolocation and optimisation solution for your fleet

A range of 
 GPS trackers with up to 5-year battery life

A dedicated web app with geolocation, movement tracking and zone alerts for your fleet

Whether you are a small or larger structure, we have a solution for you!

Designed to track and manage your fleet of vehicles, boats, machines, tools or any other type of professional equipment

Choose the Invoxia sensor that fits your needs

Slide/Attach your sensor in/on the professional asset you wish to track

Track its movements from the dedicated Invoxia web platform. You can track as many sensors as you wish on the platform

A range of trackers adapted to every need.

LWT 200
The most rugged:
waterproof IP67 (1m)

LWT 100
The most discreet:
9.5mm thick

SCT 200
The most autonomous:
up to 6 years of battery life

Monitor, track and optimise your assets right from the platform

Get a complete overview of your fleet all over France

View all the movements done over the period of your choice

Receive automatic alerts via email or text each time a tracked object enters or exits a zone

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