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Invoxia GPS Tracker

The new generation of GPS Trackers

Keep an eye on your child’s movements

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Slide the GPS Tracker into your child’s backpack and receive notifications when they arrive at and leave school or your home.

Light and discreet, the GPS Tracker has a battery life of several months and will notify you whenever its battery is running low.

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The Invoxia GPS app.

Set up zones in your application and receive a notification when your child enters or exits these zones. You can set up as many zones as you want: the school, your home, their football club, their best friend’s house…

Instantly track your child and trace its movement history.

Receive his position every 5 minutes (depending on the set-up and network).

The Invoxia GPS app is available for iOS and Android.

They love Invoxia’s GPS Tracker

“I bought Invoxia’s GPS Tracker for my son in January. I didn’t want to buy him a phone, but I wanted him to be able to take the bus on his own to get back from school. Every day I receive a notification within 5 minutes after he leaves school, and as soon as he gets home. He is more independent and I can be relaxed.”

A mom in the Paris region.

“I use Invoxia’s GPS Tracker when my daughter goes to her athletics training. Whenever it rains or she goes play with her friends, it helps me know where to pick her up.”

A dad in Tours

“I gave my son an Invoxia GPS Tracker to be reassured whenever he goes to his friend’s home, which is just a few houses down the block. It empowers him to go alone, and my wife and I can both follow the notifications on our phones.”

A dad in Strasbourg

No SIM card needed and no limit in distance!

Invoxia’s GPS Tracker doesn’t require a SIM card or a mobile subscription. It uses low-consumption networks to be more autonomous and efficient than other trackers. Furthermore, Invoxia’s GPS Tracker is sold without any additional cost: a 3-year subscription to low-consumption networks is included. After the first three years, access to the service only costs $9.99 per year, equating to $0.83 per month (subscription through the app).

Visit Sigfox’s website to check the geographical coverage in your country.

Invoxia’s GPS Tracker holds its battery charge for a long time.

With its optimised design, Invoxia’s GPS Tracker remains active 1 to 6 months, depending on usage and activity. A notification is sent when the battery charge level falls below 20%. You can easily charge the Tracker with the included USB cable in just 90 minutes.

Invoxia GPS Tracker

Low Power GPS Tracker

  • GPS positioning, no distance limitation
  • No SIM card required, Invoxia GPS Tracker uses low power network and the subscription is included for 3 years!
  • Get notifications on your smartphone of entering and leaving customized areas
  • Invoxia GPS Tracker sends its position every 10 minutes when it is moving (depending on settings, network and coverage)
  • Display the precise route of a chosen period
  • Rechargeable through Micro USB; cable provided

This product is not available in your country

A great way to teach your child autonomy in complete safety

Are you looking for an effective and safe way to give your child more autonomy and freedom? Then our GPS Tracker is made for you!

Set up safety zones such as school and home, and receive notifications every time your child enters or leaves these zones.

Equipped with a powerful and efficient battery, our GPS tracker accompanies your child throughout the day. Slip it into their schoolbag or jacket to stay reassured at all times.