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Enfants allant à l'école
Tracker GPS dans un cartable

Invoxia GPS Tracker

Protect your kids and seniors

Keep an eye on your child’s movements



Delivery from June, 2020

GPS Tracking

Anti-theft & geofencing alert

2-year subscription included

Battery life up to 4 months

4G and 5G low power

Slide the GPS Tracker into your child’s backpack and receive notifications when they arrive at and leave school or your home.

Light and discreet, the GPS Tracker has up to 4 months of battery life and will notify you whenever its battery is running low.

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The Invoxia GPS app.

Set up zones in your application and receive a notification when your child enters or exits these zones (geofencing). You can set up as many zones as you want: the school, your home, their football club, their best friend’s house…

Instantly track your child and trace its movement history.

Receive his position every 10 minutes (depending on the set-up and network).

WORKS WITH IFTTT: Create scenarios such as to be alerted by email when you child exists school, or arrives home.

The Invoxia GPS app is available for iOS and Android.

They love Invoxia’s GPS Tracker

It gets the job done

“Does the job - the GPS location is accurate enough. I bought it for the anti-theft alert. I fitted it in my scooter and adjusted the refresh time to make the battery last several months. So far so good.”


Good tracker

“Perfect for my kid. Will use it when school will start but tried it before on my bike for 3 weeks. Great product.”

Jim Walsh

Better than expected

“After buying this as a security feature for my Scooter based on feature and the 3 year GPS included. I was a little apprehensive. I shouldnt have been as its a fantastic little unit.”


Great - if you have coverage

“With a product like this, the perception of its usefulness is very much going to come down to its coverage, rather than the device itself. To summarise, when this device has coverage, for me it's at the "5 star" end - it's compact, easy to use, does what it says on the tin. I took it to Amsterdam over the summer from the UK, and it worked just great. The problem is, if you don't have coverage, it's basically just a small brick, and you can't necessarily know you will have coverage before you buy it. I'm in an area where it looked like *maybe if I was lucky* i would have coverage at home, but it turns out I don't. If, however, I travel to any cities, then yes, it does. I was particularly keen to know whether it worked in Scotland, and it certainly works in Edinburgh. It's a great little device. I've not had it long enough to know if the battery lasts 6 months, but certainly it's great that you can just chuck it in a bag and forget about charging it for quite a long time. (Unlike my other tracker which lasts all but a day). My main gripe apart from the fact coverage is not ubiquitous, is that there are not more options for attaching it to things - including my child. Although it's about the size of an apple remote, that can be a bit big for a child's pocket and there is not much way to secure it. However, for concealing in something like a laptop bag: perfect. The app is pretty basic but seems to be reliable, although somehow they've made it feel harder to use than it ought to be - i would describe it as "sufficiently functional" ”


Bike tracker

One GPS Tracker, many possibilities

To ensure a cutting-edge safety feature, Invoxia GPS Tracker offers Smart Home control via the IFTTT platform. It acts as a switch that connects objects and allows users to create scenarios in the most natural way, via the app. For instance, when the car exits the garage, the alarm switches on automatically. When the user arrives home after work, the lights, music and thermostat turn on. If a child leaves the school grounds or exits a preset security zone, the parents can receive emails alerting them. In case of an emergency, an alert button on the device allows the child to share its location with the account users. The usage is infinite…

Bike tracker

No monthly fees. No hidden fees.

Invoxia GPS Tracker doesn’t require a mobile subscription, activation fees or fees to change the settings; the subscription is included for 2 years. After the second year, it only costs $3.25 per month (subscription through the app). Invoxia GPS Tracker is the first device that comes with no additional cost: it includes a subscription to 4G and upcoming 5G LTE-M cellular network (versus other solutions that require monthly subscription fees going up to 20$).

Invoxia GPS Tracker holds its battery charge for a long time.

With its optimised design, Invoxia GPS Tracker has up to 1 month in standard mode and up to 10 months in anti-theft mode.
- Standard mode: It sends positions every 10 minutes (for instance, when the user is on his way to work and back)
- Antitheft mode: when the tracker detects suspicious movement, it checks if the owner's smartphone is close by. If it’s the case, the tracker goes back to sleep, if not it sends an alert and start sending positions

A notification is sent when the battery charge level falls below 20%. You can easily charge the Tracker with the included USB cable in just 1h30.

Invoxia GPS Tracker

  • GPS tracking with unlimited range. Position History
  • Anti-theft and geofencing alerts
  • Tiny, light, discrete
  • 2-year subscription included, no monthly or hidden fees
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 1 month in standard mode (Micro USB; cable provided)
  • Alert button on the tracker to send an alert with its position
  • Free Android & iOS app
  • Compatible with LTE-M low-power network


Delivery from June, 2020

A great way to teach your child autonomy in complete safety

Are you looking for an effective and safe way to give your child more autonomy and freedom? Then our GPS Tracker is made for you!

Set up safety zones such as school and home, and receive notifications every time your child enters or leaves these zones.

Equipped with a powerful and efficient battery, our GPS tracker accompanies your child throughout the day. Slip it into their schoolbag or jacket to stay reassured at all times.