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Invoxia GPS Tracker

The new generation of GPS Trackers

Track and protect your car, scooter or motorcycle

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Place the GPS Tracker in your glove box or trunk and keep an eye on your vehicle.

Light and discreet, Invoxia’s GPS Tracker has an autonomy of several months and notifies you whenever its battery is low.

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The Invoxia GPS app.

Set up zones and receive notifications whenever your vehicle enters or exits one of these zones.

Instantly track your vehicle and trace its movement history.

Receive its position every 5 minutes (depending on the set-up and network).

Turn on the anti-theft alert to be notified in real time in case of suspicious movement or attempted theft of your vehicle

The Invoxia GPS app is available for iOS and Android.

They love Invoxia’s GPS Tracker

“After a few issues losing keys and monitoring deliveries, we decided to fit one of our trucks with Invoxia’s GPS Tracker. Delighted with this first experience, we decided to do the same on all our vehicles.”

Delivery company – Paris region

“My motorcycle was stolen from my basement. Thanks to Invoxia’s GPS Tracker, I was able to track it in the neighbouring county and asked the police to intervene. This way I got my motorcycle back.”

An user

No SIM card needed and no limit in distance!

Invoxia’s GPS Tracker doesn’t require a SIM card or a mobile subscription. It uses low-consumption networks to be more autonomous and efficient than other trackers. Furthermore, Invoxia’s GPS Tracker is sold without any additional cost: a 3-year subscription to low-consumption networks is included. After the first three years, access to the service only costs $9.99 per year, equating to $0.83 per month (subscription through the app).

Visit Sigfox’s website to check the geographical coverage in your country.

Invoxia’s GPS Tracker holds its battery charge for a long time.

With its optimised design, Invoxia’s GPS Tracker remains active 1 to 6 months, depending on usage and activity. A notification is sent when the battery charge level falls below 20%. You can easily charge the Tracker with the included USB cable in just 90 minutes.

Invoxia GPS Tracker

Low Power GPS Tracker

  • GPS positioning, no distance limitation
  • No SIM card required, Invoxia GPS Tracker uses low power network and the subscription is included for 3 years!
  • Get notifications on your smartphone of entering and leaving customized areas
  • Invoxia GPS Tracker sends its position every 10 minutes when it is moving (depending on settings, network and coverage)
  • Display the precise route of a chosen period
  • Rechargeable through Micro USB; cable provided

This product is not available in your country

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A turnkey solution to protect your car or motorcycle

Did you know that in France, a car theft occurs every five minutes and a motorcycle is stolen every ten minutes? We provide a solution that can save you the anxiety you may experience in the event of theft.

For your car

Whether you own a large luxury vehicle like a Range Rover or BMW X6, or a small city car like a Renault Clio 4 or Smart Fortwo, equipping it with our GPS Tracker will give you peace of mind. It is a GPS beacon that combines great performance, long battery life and discretion. All you have to do is slip it into your glove compartment or trunk to locate your vehicle every two, five or ten minutes, receive an instant alert in case of unusual movements, and be able to find it in case of theft.

For your motorcycle or scooter

The GPS tracker lets you locate your motorcycle or scooter every two, five or ten minutes and sends you a notification at the slightest shock or suspicious movement. Discreet and accurate, it detects tilt changes above 30° after a period of inactivity of more than five minutes, alerting you immediately in case of theft or damage. All you have to do is slip it into the top case or under the seat of your two-wheeler to be able to track it in case of theft.

All this for a moderate price

Benefit from all these features without a SIM card or extra costs! The tracker uses the low-power Lora and Sigfox networks to ensure exceptional efficiency and battery life while saving you money thanks to the 3-year subscription included, which will then cost you less than €10 per year.

The GPS Tracker is constantly evolving, so be sure to update your tracker regularly to take advantage of the latest features!