AI-powered smart devices

Improve efficiency, and availability with artificial intelligence and edge computing

Monitor and optimise your production chain and make the right decisions!

Once installed on your assets (machines, equipment, devices, facilities, vehicles) or used by your customers, our sensors identify key behaviours and send you a notification:

  • Failure prediction
  • Measuring the equipment’s usage rate / owner’s usage
  • Quality tests
illustration of AI

Invoxia handles the entire chain of industrial IoT:

Sensor development, raw data collection and analysis, training and integration of neural networks, and data visualisation using mobile or web apps.

01. Custom hardware

We design bespoke smart sensors in house with thorough understanding of hardware’s main challenges: miniaturisation, battery life, industrialisation, cost management, connectivity (wifi, BLE, Sigfox/LoRa...), sensors (accelerometer, microphone, GPS, thermometer, & more), etc.

illustration of custom hardware
illustration of custom hardware

02. Raw data collection and analysis

We simplify data collection by installing a single sensor that allows both the collection of raw data as well as analysis once the learning phase is over. Our sensors intelligently collect raw data and upload it to our servers where it is labelled. Once the learning phase is over, we integrate the neural network to these very sensors to make them self-reliant and allow them to feed the analytical data to a user-friendly web service.

illustration of custom hardware

03. Edge computing

Our artificial intelligence team trains neural networks to identify various behaviours and uses this technology in our sensors (“edge computing”) to make them smart and self-reliant. Our sensors then collect data such as sounds, vibrations, movements, temperatures… and analyse them to notify in real time about relevant occurrences.

illustration of custom hardware

Example of a project with Roger Dubuis (Richemont Group):

Roger Dubuis is a Swiss fine watchmaking firm that produces luxury watches. We’ve designed a connected watchcase capable of detecting irregularities in the watch’s ticking using a microphone. If a delay is spotted, preventive maintenance is available on the dedicated mobile app even before the watch malfunctions.

About Invoxia

Invoxia is a French company specialised in designing connected sensors that rely on artificial intelligence and services around collected data and have numerous application in fields such as industrial predictive maintenance, watchmaking, healthcare… for leading clients in their respective fields, such as Richemont and Amazon.