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GPS Tracker and Insurance: The Winning Combination to Effectively Protect Your Bike from Theft

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The saying is well known: two precautions are better than one. It is in this state of mind that Pierre, a daily cyclist, opted for double protection for his bike. The first, an Invoxia Bike Tracker attached to the seat post, alerts him in case of attempted theft and allows him to locate his bike. The second, theft insurance, protects him financially if his bike is stolen or damaged. He explains his choice to combine GPS tracker and insurance through his testimony, after he recovered his stolen bike thanks to his Bike Tracker!

Pierre’s testimony, who recovered his stolen bike in 6 hours thanks to the Invoxia Bike Tracker

Hello Pierre. To start, can you explain how you realized your bike had been stolen?

Like every day, I locked my bike when I got home. I secured it to a post using an ART2 certified lock. When I woke up, I saw the notification on my iPhone that my bike had moved.

What was your reaction when you realized your bike had been stolen?

Knowing that I was covered in case of theft by my Qover-me insurance and that the bike was equipped with the Invoxia Bike Tracker, I wasn’t too worried. Even if I didn’t find my bike, I would have been compensated by the insurance to buy a new one, because I had attached it correctly.

How did you go about finding your bike?

After having breakfast, I set out to find my bike. I got as close as possible thanks to the GPS location indicated by my Bike Tracker. This allowed me to find the right neighborhood. Then, the tracker came within range of the Bluetooth signal, and I was able to identify the garage where my bike was exactly located.

From there, was it easy to retrieve the bike?

I called the police to have the garage opened. In less than 6 hours, I had my bike back. The police then asked me for the GPS tracker logs. They now hope to be able to find the thief thanks to the cameras in the city.

Finally, why did I choose the Invoxia Bike Tracker?

I found the Invoxia tracker on Amazon. I chose it because I was looking for a tracker without a SIM card, and with a long battery life.

The role played by the Invoxia Bike Tracker, during and after the theft

As mentioned by Pierre in his testimony, the Invoxia Bike Tracker does not require a SIM card as it uses low-bandwidth networks to operate. It therefore does not need a subscription to a 2G or 3G network. In addition, this gives it a significant battery life, ranging from 1 to 3 months depending on the configuration and use.

During his misadventure, the Bike Tracker helped Pierre several times:

  • During the flight, when his tracker signaled that his bike had moved. At that moment, the Bike Tracker detected in real time a shock or a change in inclination, then an unusual movement. So, it was able to warn Pierre that a particular event had occurred.
  • Once the theft was done, by transmitting its position at regular intervals to locate the bike up to the garage. From there, Pierre was able to communicate this information to the police so that they could open the garage and recover the bike.

If the Bike Tracker, by supporting him throughout his search, allowed him not to worry too much, other complementary solutions can also be useful not to panic in case of theft. This is particularly the case with insurance.

The interest of opting for insurance in addition to GPS Tracker

In addition to an Invoxia GPS Tracker, subscribing to insurance against theft and damage to your bike can be a real source of serenity. Indeed, it can compensate you if, for example, you find your bike damaged or incomplete. This is the choice that Pierre made by subscribing to Qover Me insurance. This insurance offers coverage against bike theft and material damage and is available in several countries: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

100% digital, it offers assistance in France, Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands. Moreover, it currently works with more than 70 bike shops. If you want to learn more, you can go directly to!

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