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The Best Accessories to Equip Your Motorcycle

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Choosing the best accessories to equip your motorcycle is a key step in ensuring a serene ride. They contribute to both your safety and your comfort, offering you an ideal driving experience. That’s why we offer you, objectively of course, a top of the essential accessories for your bike, accompanied by examples to inspire you!

Prerequisites: Helmet, Gloves, and Airbag Vest

These three products naturally occupy the top of our ranking. Mandatory or strongly recommended, they will ensure your long-term safety while ensuring your comfort.

The helmet is obviously an essential equipment to ensure your safety. It can also serve other functions to optimize your driving comfort. For example, a full-face helmet offers very good soundproofing, a significant advantage for serene driving in every sense of the term.
You will need to budget between €200 and €600 to purchase a quality helmet.
Our recommendation: the _ AIRFLITE RUBATONE ICON_ helmet combines comfort and performance.

The gloves will ensure the protection of your hands, which are put to the test in the event of an accident and/or a fall. Riding a motorcycle without gloves is almost unthinkable. They will protect you from the cold and bad weather while providing optimal driving comfort. As for the budget, a certified quality pair is around €30. Our recommendation: the leather gloves RIDE STREET are suitable for all types of hands.

Finally, in line with the full-face helmet, wearing an Airbag vest ensures a safer driving experience. Far from being the most affordable accessory in this ranking, a quality vest will cost you between €300 and €700. However, this investment is guaranteed to prove its worth in the long run. Our recommendation: the IXON IX-AIRBAG U03 vest was developed with Ixon MotoGP™ riders and tested by 500 bikers throughout Europe.

The new essential: the Invoxia GPS Tracker

Vehicle thefts are becoming more and more frequent over the years: 51% of them are committed on public roads, while 73% are committed at night. In addition to protecting oneself, it is therefore just as necessary to protect one’s motorcycle against theft, especially if one does not have the possibility of having private parking. With a battery life of up to 6 months depending on use, a compact and easy-to-hide design, the Invoxia GPS Tracker will prove indispensable in facing every biker’s greatest fear: the theft of their precious motorcycle. The tracker is offered at €99 and includes the first 3 years of subscription. The latter is then renewable for less than €10 per year!

Feet should not be neglected when you are a motorcyclist. Calves, ankles, and heels are all elements that must be preserved. Waterproof and breathable boots are therefore to be favored, both for comfort and safety. The budget varies depending on the brands and models, but a few hundred euros will be needed for quality boots. Our recommendation: the _ DAYTONA M-STAR GTX_ are handmade and fully waterproof thanks to the integrated GORE-TEX membrane.

The everyday gadget: the Bluetooth kit

This communication kit is now essential for two-wheeler riders. It allows you to equip your helmet in order to communicate with other bikers at the same time and is compatible with most smartphones. A must-have!
You will need to budget between €100 and €250 to purchase this accessory.
Our recommendation: the SENA 5S SOLO BLUETOOTH INTERCOM from SENA has a good value for money.

Comfort tip: the neck warmer

Ideal partner for harsh winter days, the neck warmer protects against the cold, insect impacts, and pollution. It has gradually become a must-have for motorcycle riding. The price of a neck warmer varies between €6 and €20. Our recommendation: the _ NIKE STRIKE_ protects against the cold and humidity while evacuating sweat.

The basic protection: the U-lock.

This is the perfect complement to your Invoxia GPS Tracker to maximize the protection of your vehicles. Homologated U-locks are named after their U shape and are available in both manual and Bluetooth versions. They offer their users additional security to prevent theft. Expect to pay between €100 and €200 for a quality lock. Our recommendation: The U-lock _ ABUS 58/140HB3 310 SL SRA/NF/FFMC_, affordable and efficient.

The effective and cheap option: the spider net

Certainly the most affordable accessory in our top. A significant addition to your daily life, the spider net will allow you to attach your light luggage to your two-wheeler. Its usefulness is especially revealed when the latter does not have an integrated top case. Simply attach it to the back of the device and you now have a miniature trunk! Plan between €4 and €10 to get one. Our recommendation: the fixed-luggage net DAFY MOTO optimizes the available space on your two-wheeler at a lower cost.

The end bonus: heated handles

The idea behind these heated grips is to maximize the potential of your bike without having to change the original handles. They provide a very appreciable comfort while driving and can be removed once the weather warms up. It had to be thought of! Our recommendation: The Oxford Hot-Hands heated grips are a reference in the field. Of course, this non-exhaustive list leaves the door open to many other accessories to equip your motorcycle, but this selection already constitutes an excellent basis for enjoying a ride that is as pleasant as it is safe. And you, what are your must-haves to equip your motorcycle? Share your favorite accessories with us by writing to or on our social networks!

Discover also how Invoxia GPS trackers allowed a user to find his stolen motorcycle in less than 48 hours, and another one to find his stolen scooter in less than 7 hours !


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