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The best gift idea for Father’s Day: discover Invoxia GPS trackers

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Father’s Day is just around the corner (yes, it’s almost June 16th!), and like every year, it’s a challenge to find a gift idea. This time, you want to give him an innovative and super practical gift, but you’re still lacking inspiration. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: we have a great range of GPS trackers just waiting for your Dad… And it’s perfect timing because the Mini Tracker and the Bike Tracker are on sale until June 16th!

To convince you, here is a list of uses your Dad can make of his GPS tracker:

  1. The Mini Tracker to protect his vehicle

Car, motorcycle, or scooter, if there’s one thing he constantly thinks about, it’s protecting his vehicle. The Mini GPS Tracker can be discreetly hidden inside to track its position in real-time and receive alerts in case of suspicious movement. It’s an essential tool to prevent theft and quickly recover a vehicle in case of disappearance.

  1. Bike Tracker: the solution for bikes and scooters

If your Dad is more into bikes or scooters, the Bike Tracker is perfect for him! The little extra of this tracker: it’s actually a Mini Tracker hidden in a reflector for maximum discretion. With his GPS tracker installed, he is alerted to any changes in inclinations and movements of his two-wheeler.

  1. The Father’s Day gift for handy Dads

Red toolbox placed on a piece of furniture
Building professionals and DIY enthusiasts can use the Mini Tracker to protect their expensive tools. In case of theft, the tracker allows them to locate their equipment and follow it live from the app.

And with the theft report, the work of the authorities is facilitated to help them recover their valuable tools!

  1. Sporty dads also have their gift for Father’s Day

Sports equipment is often expensive. But it can also be protected with the Mini Tracker. He can easily slip it into his sports bag to keep track of his belongings and avoid losses in locker rooms or other public places.

  1. The perfect Father’s Day gift for artistic souls

Musical instruments, sculpting tools, cameras, or other brushes and paints are costly. And this can attract the attention of some thieves. With the Mini Tracker, your Dad can protect his valuable instruments and tools from theft during his travels.

  1. Hiking while being protected against theft

Dads who love hiking can use the Mini Tracker to monitor their backpacks and other hiking gear. In case of loss or theft, the GPS tracker allows them to locate the bag and quickly recover the lost items.

![Hiking backpack placed by the edge of a river

]( 7. The Father’s Day gift for sailors

For boat owners, the Mini Tracker can be used to monitor the position of the boat or engine. It offers extra security against theft, even in difficult conditions. And don’t worry about water disabling it: it’s waterproof!

  1. The Mini Tracker for globetrotting dads

If your Dad loves to travel with peace of mind, it’s an ideal Father’s Day gift. Slip it into his suitcase or travel bag, and our GPS tracker will keep an eye on his luggage. It’s reassuring, especially knowing that bags don’t always reach the right destination!

  1. Protecting camping gear before vacation trips

For those who prefer camping, the Mini Tracker is also a great Father’s Day gift! It can be placed in camping equipment such as tents or sleeping bags, providing extra security in case of theft during outdoor trips.

  1. A Father’s Day gift for stylish dads

Does your Dad love the latest bag he bought? For those concerned about the security of their handbags or wallets, the Mini Tracker is also a great gift idea! It offers a discreet solution to monitor and locate these valuable items in case of loss or theft.

As you can see, our Mini Trackers and Bike Trackers make great Father’s Day gifts. Ultra versatile, these models meet all your Dad’s needs. And on top of that, until June 16th, you get €10 off the purchase of these two GPS trackers with the code SUPERPAPA10, directly on!

For those who prefer longer battery life or a more international GPS tracker, we also have what you need. The Classic and Pro GPS Trackers are also available on our website.

Invoxia GPS Trackers range


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