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GPS Tracker: Invoxia launches the “Theft File”, a major innovation for vehicle security

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Invoxia innovates again with an all-new feature: the Theft File. With 1,020,729 vehicles stolen in 2023, compared to 1,008,756 in 2022*, and a steady rise in recent years*, this innovation becomes essential for owners.

Designed to optimize the response in case of vehicle theft, this tool significantly enhances the security of Invoxia users. And it’s already available on your app!

What is Invoxia’s Theft File?

In response to the alarming trend of increasing thefts, Invoxia has developed the Theft File, a digital file enriched with essential information about the stolen property. This includes the last known position of the GPS tracker. Accessible via a QR code, the folder allows for real-time location tracking. This provides you with a crucial advantage in the quick recovery of your stolen car or motorcycle.

Theft File from Invoxia
How does the Theft File work?

Activating the Theft File is simple and instantaneous via the Invoxia GPS app. Once the theft is reported, the user generates a file that is securely stored in Invoxia’s cloud. The file is then safely shared with authorities and insurance companies. This facilitates administrative procedures and increases your chances of recovering the vehicle.

The file consists of a simple PDF in which the involved parties, such as law enforcement or your insurer, can find all the necessary information to recover the vehicle. They will have access to the exact date and time the Theft File was generated, the license plate number, and a QR code. Once scanned, this QR code allows access to the map to track the GPS tracker’s position.

Key Advantages of the Theft File

  • Enhanced Police Assistance: Sharing the Theft File with law enforcement provides vital information for a rapid and targeted response. This significantly improves the efficiency of the search. Until now, once the theft victim left the police station, investigators no longer had access to the GPS tracker’s position. This is now possible thanks to the QR code provided in your folder.
  • Simplified Insurance Procedures: With concrete evidence of the theft, the procedures with insurers are greatly simplified. This is beneficial for both the insured and the insurer.

Position sharing now available on your GPS tracker

While the Theft File is essential in case of theft, position sharing has a more reassuring function. Also available on our entire range of GPS trackers, it allows you to share a link with your loved ones. This gives them access to the position of your tracker without needing to go through your personal account. It’s ideal if you are traveling alone!

Process to activate the Theft File

Invoxia’s GPS trackers, especially the Pro models using AI and connected to the 4G LTE-M network, are already renowned for their precision and discretion. The Theft Folder and position sharing complement these devices by adding an extra dimension to the security of mobile assets.

* National Insurance Crime Bureau (US)


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