Invoxia supports you on long projects including custom sensors , data collection and data enhancement and development of value-added services.


Expertise with traditional constraints: miniaturization, waterproofing, low-power consumption, cost control...

AI & Data Science

Deep learning, embedded artificial intelligence ('Edge Computing')


Embedded software, backend/cloud, mobile apps and SaaS

Sensor packed tailor-made products boosted with AI

Invoxia manages the entire innovation process internally: sensor design (hardware and software), industrialization, collection and analysis of raw data communicated over different protocols (LoRa, Sigfox, LTE Cat-M1, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi...), training and integration of deep neural networks (Deep Learning) and finally, data visualization and construction of value-added services via mobile or web apps.


Collect real data to define the future of shaving

Unveiled at CES 2020, BIC's connected shaver was delivered to a group of testers to supplement data collected from unrepresentative panellists with real-world usage data.

The shaver provides real-time objective data about the shaving experience, using sensors combined with deep learning. This data helps BIC's R&D team to design future products for modern customers.

Product definition, hardware and mobile app development, building and training machine learning models.

" In less than 6 months the first razors were already in the testers' hands "

- Thomas Brette, Group Insights & Innovation Officer at BIC -

Invoxia AIoT ACCESS : Demonstrators made easy

Need to validate interest and ROI before embarking on costly custom sensor development?

Thanks to the AIoT Access program, move forward straight away with your field demonstrators with flexible off-the-shelf solutions combining IoT and embedded AI. Applications: predictive maintenance, mission profiles and usage monitoring, fall or shock or specific motion detection. Off-the-shelf sensors available: motion, vibration, temperature, sound, geolocation. Collection of data of interest via a dedicated mobile app or gateway.

Applications: predictive maintenance, job profiles and usage tracking, fall, shock or motion detection

Off the shelf sensors: motion, vibration, temperature, sound, geolocation. Relevant data collection via a dedicated mobile app or gateway.

Build out, training and integration of Deep Learning models in a few weeks. Alert configuration and activity logs.

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