Protect your bicycle against theft


The most discreet, lightweight Tracker for locating and protecting your bike at all times.


50% of bike owners have already fallen victim to theft. In Europe, 1 bike is stolen every 20 seconds

Meet the Invoxia Bike Tracker , the perfect solution for monitoring your bicycle and recovering it if it's stolen.

An Invoxia Bike Tracker attached to the seat post of a bike resting against a tree

GPS tracking

Locate and track your with updates every 5 or 10 minutes while in motion (depending on network and configuration)

Record battery life

Never be left without battery in the event of theft. With an optimized design, go up to 3-months between recharges.

Subscription included

3-year subscription to the LoRa or Sigfox network included, renew from only €24,95/year.


Three geolocation technologies (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS) to maximize tracking performance.

An innovative network designed for connected objects

The Invoxia Bike Tracker doesn't require a SIM card nor a subscription. It uses LoRa or Sigfox low-power networks giving it longer battery life than other GPS trackers.

Diagram of the technologies used by the Invoxia Bike Tracker (in order: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS)


Thousands of stolen vehicles and valuables recovered

They trust us

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Delivery in 1-3 working days


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2-year warranty


30 days to change your mind

Technical specifications
What's in the box

The essential tool for discreetly monitoring your bike!

Nearly everyone knows someone who's had a bike stolen... Almost 3 million bike thefts are reported across Europe each year — that's one theft every 11 seconds.

Whether you are a fan of the Tour de France, a weekend cyclist, or love to bike to work, you are almost certainly familiar with the anguish of having your bike stolen. More and more people are concerned about the safety of their bike, whether it be a mechanical pedal bike, an electric bike (eBike), or other personal electric vehicles (PEVs).

The Invoxia Bike Tracker is the best solution for keeping an eye on your bike and giving yourself peace of mind. It gives you the freedom to lock your bike up on the street without the fear of losing it, even at night. Discreet and light, this connected reflector is easily attached to your bike's seat post or luggage rack ensuring better visibility when riding.

Invoxia's Bike Tracker is a powerful standalone anti-theft device that is active 24/7 whether you're riding, or your bike is parked. Once installed, after being stationary for a short time (5 minutes), it detects motion and will alert you to attempted theft or vandalism, giving you the chance to intervene. It's equally capable of letting the bike's owner know if someone has bumped into it, or if it's been knocked over while parked.

Unlike other trackers which require an expensive monthly subscription, the Bike Tracker has no additional fees—a 3-year subscription to low-power networks is already included in the price.

Our engineers are constantly improving our Bike Tracker, so don't forget to update it regularly to take advantage of the latest features!