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Dog Insurance: Why Subscribe?

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Owning a dog is a huge source of joy, but it also comes with its share of responsibilities, especially regarding the animal’s health. Dog insurance has become a necessity for many owners who wish to offer the best possible protection to their four-legged companion. Faced with sometimes very high expenses in animal health, subscribing to dog insurance can save you from financially and emotionally difficult situations.

What is dog insurance?

Dog insurance is a service offered by insurance companies that covers all or part of your dog’s veterinary expenses in case of illness, accident, or other medical need, according to the policy subscribed. There are more or less comprehensive offers, which you can also combine with a dog mutual. For the latter, the offers are often more comprehensive.

Different types of dog insurance

  • Comprehensive health insurance: This type of coverage is the most complete, including regular treatments, emergencies, and sometimes even prevention such as vaccinations and annual health check-ups. A bit like our social security, it allows you to be at ease in the face of life’s uncertainties.

  • Accident insurance: Specifically designed to provide financial aid in case of accidents, it does not cover diseases. This type of insurance may be recommended especially if your dog’s breed is not prone to certain types of diseases, such as Mitral Valve Disease (MVD), or Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM).

  • Specific disease insurance: This insurance offers protection for predefined diseases, particularly useful for breeds prone to certain hereditary conditions.

Dog insurance: what are the benefits?

The costs of veterinary care can quickly become exorbitant, especially in cases of chronic diseases or serious accidents. Dog insurance allows you to:

  • Reduce financial stress: It offers peace of mind by covering a large part of health expenses.

  • Access to better care: With insurance, you are more inclined to opt for the best treatments available, without cost being a barrier.

Reviews from dog insurance subscribers

Testimony from Clara, owner of a Labrador:When Sam, my Labrador, needed surgery following a knee injury, the bill would have been €2000. Fortunately, our insurance covered 80% of the costs. It really relieved us financially and emotionally.

Testimony from Marc, owner of a Cocker Spaniel:My dog Lila developed a heart disease that required lifelong medication and regular visits to the cardiologist. Thanks to our insurance, the costs are largely manageable.


Comparison of dog insurance offers

Today, there are multiple dog insurance offers, and it can be easy to get lost. We have therefore selected for you some of the most popular insurances to help you compare the different options available.

Insurance Type of Coverage Reimbursement Advantages Disadvantages
Dalma Complete Between 60% and 100% of your expenses, and up to €2500 per year Complete coverage including prevention and regular expenses up to €200 High cost, specific exclusions
Barkibu Accidents and diseases Up to 80% of expenses, and up to €3000 per year Less expensive, reactive in case of accident Waiting period for disease treatments
Agria Complete with breeding options Up to 85% of expenses, and up to €7200 per year Short waiting periods and high reimbursement rates More targeted for breeders, less flexible for the general public
Lemonade Complete + prevention Between 70% and 90% Fast and digital claim process, prevention included Automated claim process and therefore less personalized

How to choose the right insurance for your dog?

Choosing the right insurance requires careful consideration of several factors:

  • Evaluate your dog’s specific needs: Consider the age, breed, pre-existing conditions, and lifestyle of your pet. You will not have the same needs for a Bichon, which is a rather calm and inactive breed, as for a Doberman, which is a breed predisposed to heart diseases.

  • Compare offers: Do not limit yourself to the cost. Evaluate the coverage offered, exclusions, and reviews from other customers. The important thing is to find the dog insurance that best meets your needs.

  • Read the fine print: The details of the contract can reveal exclusions or specific conditions important to know before committing. So do not forget to check all the clauses of your contract before committing and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

By keeping this in mind, you will be able to choose an insurance that is suitable and offers the best possible protection for your dog while respecting your budget.


With Minitailz from Invoxia, anticipate diseases better

Insuring is good, anticipating is better! Minitailz is the first dog tracker with a biometric health scan. Thanks to its innovative technology, the Minitailz from Invoxia is capable of recording your dog’s heart and breathing rates at rest, all with exceptional accuracy (99% and 97% medical accuracy, respectively).

Beyond these measurements, Minitailz is also the first health tracker to integrate the cardiac signature, a unique representation of your dog’s heartbeat. Its technology also allows it to detect early signs of Afib (Atrial Fibrillation), a common arrhythmia in some breeds, sometimes a symptom of a more serious condition for your dog.

Learn More

While various insurances allow you to be proactive about your dog’s health, it is still important to choose the one that best suits you. The ideal is still to anticipate: it is better to prevent than to cure. For this, Minitailz is a powerful and unique ally, which supports you in monitoring your dog’s health on a daily basis.


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